Why buy tuck n’ snug

Not only does Tuck n’ Snug give you a good night’s sleep, our bedding helps in other ways.

  • Makes the move from cot to ‘big’ bed easier and less daunting. Provides security and reassurance to everyone.
  • Helps prevent falling out of bed. A child feels safe and secure while parents get peace of mind. No need for bed rails and bumpers.
  • A better night’s sleep for children leads to improved attention in school and fewer temper tantrums.
  • Parents get to sleep too (!) and feel refreshed and better from a proper night’s sleep.
  • Children feel snug and secure and less likely to get up out of bed during the night.
  • Is travel friendly and easily packed in a suitcase to help kids sleep soundly in unfamiliar beds while on holiday or sleep-overs.

Why sleep is so important

Many parents worry about their children getting enough sleep – and they are right to be troubled. Research warns that disrupted sleep damages all part of a child’s brain so sleep is extremely important to help a child’s development both physically and mentally. If your child is well rested, he or she is more likely to reach their full potential both at school and play. Children around the age of 4 to 6 years old need between 10.5 and 11.5 hours of sleep on average.  Helping your child to get a good night’s sleep will usually make for a much happier home. Here are just a few of the signs of sleep deprivation in children to watch for.

  • behavioural issues
  • concentration difficulties
  • difficulty remembering things
  • hyperactivity
  • lowering of the immune system
  • weight gain

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