Keep Calm It’s Only Twins – Congratulations!

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Congratulations to George Clooney and his wife Amal on the birth of their twins, Ella and Alexander! Everyone is lining up with good wishes and advice and, no doubt, the little ones will be showered with gifts. But, as George’s friend, the actress, Julia Roberts – also a mother of twins – said in an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show recently (as reported in The Daily Mail): ‘You know, nobody’s there at three o’clock in the morning when you’re just going “What are we doing? Where did they come from?”

Having one tiny person to look after is all encompassing and utterly exhausting – I recorded 1,095 consecutive nights of broken sleep with my little boy – but us parents of children who came out one at a time, can only imagine what life is like with two or more of the same age …

Sleep is the major preoccupation of any new parent and getting one twin to sleep only to have the other one wake up must be an enormous challenge.

NHS Choices has some useful tips for getting twins to sleep, including establishing a bedtime routine and sticking to it – which seems easier said than done… and also making sure the little ones don’t get too hot, while keeping blankets securely tucked in.

Once parents of twins have survived the first 12 months or so, the toddler stage will rear its head, when the ‘terrible twos’ become the ‘terrible twos x two’. Sleep is key to everyone in the family feeling happier and less stressed – twins and parents. At Tuck n’ Snug, when it comes to getting toddlers to sleep – we’ve got wriggle-proof bedding covered.

I designed Tuck n’ Snug bedding with simple tuck-in flaps on both the pillowcase and duvet cover, which means your toddler or toddlers feel snug and secure.

Tuck n’ Snug bedding is available in a variety of designs, so your little Ella and Alexander can have matching sets if that’s what they’d like or they can opt for something completely different.

If your toddlers are likely to be jet setters – perhaps you’re a film star and your other half is a hot shot lawyer – then it’s easy to take your Tuck n’ Snug bedding along in your suitcase. So, whether you’re in Italy, England or LA, bedtime for your little ones will always feel safe and familiar.

The international blogger Tales of a Twin Mum says that ‘having twins isn’t a punishment, it really is a blessing. I may joke sometimes about the challenges we face like taking multiple children out solo, but I know that I’m super lucky to be a twin mum’.

Again, many congratulations to George and Amal. Here’s to making lots of happy memories and getting as much sleep as possible!


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