Moving from a cot to a big bed

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Moving your precious toddler from the protective shell of their cot into a bed is a huge milestone in a little person’s life and a pretty big deal for Mum and Dad as well!

When you decide to make that transition depends on your individual child. Some are simply ready for it or they just don’t fit in their cot anymore. Alternatively, a little sibling might be on the horizon who needs the cot or perhaps your little darling has perfected an SAS-style exit over the bars!

For most children, the idea of moving to a ‘big bed’ is an exciting adventure. The reality though in the early hours of the morning can be very different, particularly when they are missing the comfort of familiar surroundings. Many experts suggest putting the new bed in the same position as their cot; assuming they are staying in the same room and not giving up their nursery to a new resident.

We naively assumed a move into a big bed would mean a new world of sleep-filled nights… How wrong could we have been! We knew our little monster was a wriggler, but the additional space his big bed gave him, seemed to make his wriggling worse! We wanted the move to a bed to be accompanied by a ‘grown-up’ duvet and pillow set but, combined with all-night wriggling, we were frequently called upon to tuck him back in or rescue his pillow from the floor!

After yet another sleepless night, I came up with a solution, a duvet cover and pillowcase with flaps which simply tuck in – Tuck n’ Snug was born.

Moving to a big bed often coincides with another toddler milestone – potty training! Tuck n’ Snug is the perfect stay-on bedding solution if your child wants to make a trip to the toilet in the middle of the night. It is wriggle-proof, but it doesn’t trap children, meaning they can easily push it down and jump out.

If you want to help your child be even more engaged with the big move into a bed, then get them involved with selecting the design of their Tuck n’ Snug set. Good luck with the move to that exciting big bed – let us know how you get on and if you’ve got any tips to share with other parents.

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