Sleeping on Holiday

 In children's wriggle-proof bedding, Stay on Bedding

Travelling on holiday with children is nothing less than a military operation. One visit to an online parents’ forum at this time of the year and you’ll discover endless holiday-related threads from how to cope with toddlers on a flight to whether to take your car seat abroad. While the thought of a break with the family is always guaranteed to make me smile, there is still a little bit of me who fondly remembers when the stress of packing simply ran to how many bikinis to take…

Toddlers, bless them, generally get caught up in the excitement of holidays and fully embrace all the new adventures travel brings. But, it can be a different story when night arrives. You might have just got your little one into a good bedtime routine at home but this can very easily be thrown into confusion when they stay up a little later and have eaten more ice cream than you thought was humanly possible. Then, night time arrives, the room seems different and the bed simply doesn’t feel familiar…

Well, at Tuck n’ Snug, we’ve got toddler sleeping covered… at home and on holiday.

There are some practical things you can do in your holiday accommodation, including having a practice to get the temperature of your little one’s room right before bedtime – encouraging a through breeze or checking that the aircon isn’t going to turn the room into an ice box.

However, one thing which makes bedtime a whole lot easier is familiarity. Always take that well-loved cuddly toy for bedtime snuggles and a favourite book for a quiet 15 minutes before lights out.

Writing on the Tots To Travel website recently, sleep expert Lucy Shrimpton had some great advice, suggesting you ‘pack a bed sheet or a pillowcase or something with the familiar scent of home to help your little one feel secure in a strange place’.

This is excellent advice and we’ve found that taking our wriggly toddler’s familiar set of Tuck n’ Snug bedding has made a world of difference to our travels. It doesn’t take up much room in the suitcase and, while bed linen in rented accommodation or a hotel is absolutely fine 99% of the time, it’s always comforting to know our toddler is sleeping in their own bedding.

Not only does our little one feel immediately ‘at home’ with the familiar pattern and texture, but we feel peace of mind that, with Tuck n’ Snug’s simple tuck-in flaps on both the pillow case and duvet cover, he is tucked in snuggly. This means that any additional holiday-induced excited wriggling doesn’t immediately mean that the duvet and pillow end up on the floor.

If you’re travelling somewhere hot and it’s going to be too warm to sleep with a duvet, then use Tuck n’ Snug stay-on bedding as a simple sheet and pillow set. It can still be tucked in.

Relax and enjoy your holiday, wherever you go, knowing we’ve got toddler sleeping covered at Tuck n’ Snug

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