Is There A Solution To Sleepless Nights?

 In Stay on Bedding

After 1,095 consecutive nights of broken sleep, enough was enough, and Tuck n’ Snug was born. Not my third child but an incredibly simple and successful way to stop my children falling out of bed, getting cold, and waking up night after night.

Tuck n’ Snug is wriggle-proof bedding for 2 to 8 year olds.  Cute matching duvet cover and pillowcase sets stay on the bed, keeping children warm, tucked in, and snug all night long. So you’ve got a good night’s sleep covered.

Like most children my darling wriggle monster tossed and turned so much at night he lost his duvet and he woke up feeling cold. It’s such a common problem; I felt there must be help at hand. There was but as hard as I tried nothing seemed to work … so I designed Tuck n’ Snug – the alternative to sleepless nights.

Tuck n’ Snug is wriggle proof bedding for children which stays on the bed. This stay-on bedding ensures a good night’s sleep for all the family and keeps children warm and cosy all night long. It’s simple and easy to use and machine washable of course.

Fabric flaps secure the duvet cover and pillowcase to the mattress, which means even the wriggliest child won’t be woken up by losing their covers during the night.  It has other advantages too; children can get in an out of bed easily and go to the loo, there are no zips or button or Velcro, plus there’s lots of freedom of movement so no danger of feeling trapped.

Suddenly I was a new woman. No longer tired and grumpy after relentless sleepless nights and my children were happier and healthier after not just one but MANY nights of undisturbed sleep.

It was a revolution in our family and I hope it will be in yours. Research has proven that sleep is essential to support children’s development. The much-respected Good-Night guide for Children published by The Sleep Council says:  “Well rested children are more able to meet their full potential in every aspect of their lives.”

Plus a recent study published by researchers at the University Hospital of Zurich in November 2016 claims that sleeplessness can inflict huge amounts of damage on all parts of a child’s developing brain.
So it really is good advice for all the family to get a good night’s sleep so we can cope with, and enjoy, the highs and lows that come with each day.

Let Tuck n’ Snug bring sleep back into your life and let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear from you

Best wishes for 2017,

Annabel Anderson

“The Tuck n’ Snug duvet cover has been a big hit! My daughter was complaining that her sleeping bag was too hot.  This motivated me to try out Tuck n’ Snug and it works She can now get in and out as she pleases and pushes the duvet down if she’s too hot – without waking up mummy!  It was so simple to put on the bed, but genius. Well done!” – Loved by Fran Richardson, West Sussex

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