Help children sleep through Santa’s visit with “genius” stay-on bedding

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The countdown to Christmas is a thrilling time for kids of all ages and sleepless nights can be a problem at this time of year, as youngsters anticipate Santa’s delivery with ever-increasing excitement.


Thankfully, mum-of-two Annabel Anderson created Tuck n’ Snug, an innovative new product designed to help your child sleep in heavenly peace – even the night before Christmas…


No one would wish their child to stop feeling excited about Father Christmas, but when you’re a busy parent who is juggling all the various festive preparations – gift shopping, making Nativity play outfits and decorating trees – a good night’s sleep is even more important than ever, for all the family.


Tuck n' Snug Duvet


Last year, a survey conducted by a major bed retailer revealed that 22% of adults will get less than five hours’ sleep on Christmas Eve, while more than 10% admitted they had nodded off during the festivities due to sleep deprivation.*


Trying to keep the anticipation at bay might be impossible, but keeping your little one warm and cosy at night isn’t. If your child tends to be woken by their duvet slipping off the bed, Tuck n’ Snug can prevent that problem, making it less likely that the child will wake and call for Mummy or Daddy to tuck them back in.


“What an amazing idea! My son loves it – in his own words, ‘I sleep really well in it, it’s really snuggly’. Already recommending to friends.” – Gill Parkinson, Surrey


“I have a very restless three-year-old who constantly woke me up in the middle of the night because she lost her duvet and was cold. Tuck n’ Snug solved this problem. I now have a good night’s sleep and a toastie toddler.” – Becca Booth, Epsom


Tuck n’ Snug was born when Annabel decided to devise her own solution to her children’s sleepless nights.


“My five-year-old son Oliver used to really struggle to sleep well, particularly at Christmas,” Annabel, 46, says. “It’s a wonderful time for children, but it can also be a really exhausting time for them if they can’t get a good night’s rest. And of course, poor old Mum and Dad can struggle to keep that festive spirit when they’re desperate for a decent sleep!”


Annabel found that Oliver’s pillow would end up resting on his head and waking him up, while his sister Isobel, seven, would throw off her duvet and feel cold. After trying a variety of products without success, Annabel developed Tuck n’ Snug.


Unlike other products that are purely designed to keep children in bed, Tuck n’ Snug is a duvet cover and pillow case that secures the duvet and pillow using fabric flaps that are tucked under the mattress. These are then concealed by the duvet cover, so it looks like any other bedding set. There are no zips, buttons or Velcro – your child is free to move around and get in and out of bed, so they feel comfy and unrestricted.


“The Tuck n’ Snug duvet cover has been a big hit! My daughter was complaining that her sleeping bag was too hot, but now she can get in and out of bed as she pleases and push the duvet down if she is too warm – and no waking up Mummy! Genius – well done!      Five stars!” – Mrs F Richardson, West Sussex


“I have to say the Tuck n’ Snug duvet cover set is awesome. It has definitely improved Little Miss’s sleeping regime.” – Susan K Mann, East Kilbride


Tuck n’ Snug is the first business venture for Annabel, a PR professional who took a career break to start her family. Already her stay-on bedding product is proving to be a huge success, with reviewers describing the Tuck n’ Snug concept as “genius”.


Lisa Artis, spokesperson for the Sleep Council, says: “A restful night’s sleep is essential for the health and wellbeing of both children and adults. During the night we enter a number of sleep cycles, each comprising four stages and lasting around 1.5 hours in total. It is essential that we experience all four stages in order to feel rested. Sleep that is constantly interrupted is not restful and can lead to health problems.”


Available in two gorgeous designs, the first limited edition sets feature a pair of fun characters that children will love: Peanuts the Puppy and Kitty the Kitten. Suitable for children that have graduated from a cot, each set comes in toddler bed and single bed sizes, so you can make sure your child continues to sleep well as they grow.


Tuck n’ Snug is made in Britain and is an attractive product that adds charm to any child’s bedroom – as well as restful nights!


Priced at £39, Tuck n’ Snug is available here.

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