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On the air.  Annabel interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex 4 December 2015

Tuck n’ Snug has already been impressing reviewers and it’s been wonderful to hear the feedback from other parents, many of whom have been looking for ways to help their children get a good night’s sleep. A number of popular parenting bloggers are checking out Tuck n’ Snug’s stay-on bedding as we speak, so I look forward to hearing their thoughts. I’ll be sure to share their comments here so you can see how they got on.

Recently, parents had the chance to hear from me directly when I was interviewed on BBC Sussex Radio. Breakfast Show presenter Neil Pringle was a joy to speak to – how does he sound so lively at that time every morning? – and I understand that Tuck n’ Snug prompted some debate among listeners about sleep and bedding in general. Apparently, losing the covers at night (or “duvet creep”, as Neil dubbed it) is also a problem for many adults. (Watch this space….we are up to something to help!).

You can listen to my interview here. The interview starts 1 hour and 27 minutes in.

Once I’d got over the nerves at hearing my own voice on the countywide radio, I did wonder how many poor sleep-deprived parents were tuning in at 6am, strong coffee in hand, looking back on another sleepless night. Jokes aside, restless nights can be such a drain on the energy of both kids and parents, and my aim is to make those nights seem like just a bad dream for as many families as possible.

It was great to have the chance to spread the word about Tuck n’ Snug stay-on bedding and the massive difference it can make to people’s lives. So a big “thank you” to BBC Sussex for the opportunity.

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