Tips To Get Your Children To Sleep On Christmas Eve

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“Santa Won’t Come!” Ways To Get Your Kids To Sleep On Christmas Eve

We’ve all been there – it’s the night before Christmas and all through the house… Everyone’s awake, even the mouse!

The excitement children feel on Christmas Eve is something we all recall vividly and no one would wish their kids to lose that magical feeling of anticipation. But with a big day ahead of them, they – and you! – need to get a decent night’s sleep in order to make the most of Christmas.

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I’ve tried lots of ideas with my children over the years, some of which have worked and some haven’t! But here’s my list of the best suggestions I’ve heard, from friends, family and experts, about how to help your little one nod off as Santa approaches…


  1. Prepare for Father Christmas’s visit, but remind them he won’t come if they’re still awake. It’s an old favourite, and some parents argue that the thought of Saint Nick coming down the chimney is enough to keep any child awake! But the prospect of foregoing gift privileges should at least keep them in bed, which improves the chances of drowsiness.
  2. Tell them what time they may open their presents. If you insist that there will be no gift unwrapping before 7am, for example, they are more likely to accept that and stay in bed in the meantime. And stick to it, as this reinforces the rule for next year.
  3. Try to keep things calm on Christmas Eve. There may be a temptation to indulge in the festive spirit with lots of Christmas films, music and games, but over-stimulation won’t help your child to wind down for sleep later. Stick to just one activity and decrease the volume of the TV or music as bedtime approaches.
  4. Stick to the normal bedtime routine. Marking Christmas Eve out as a special occasion right up until tucking-in time might make them feel that they don’t have to do what’s usually expected of them. If they get out of bed, put them firmly back and don’t allow special treatment ‘because it’s Christmas’.
  5. Send them to bed slightly earlier than usual. That way, if they struggle to get to sleep initially, they’ll have more time to catch up later in the night.
  6. When Father Christmas visits, ask him to hang stockings on the handle of your child’s bedroom door or somewhere else away from the bed, to avoid disturbing your little one once they’ve nodded off. The crinkle of wrapping paper can wake any child at 50 paces!


Good luck! If your child tends to wake at night due to covers slipping off the bed, visit and take a look at our innovative new stay-on bedding. Warm and cosy nights are more likely to be silent ones!



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