Vote for Tuck n’ Snug in Virgin’s Voom 2016 Pitchathon

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Tuck n’ Snug has entered Virgin Media Business Voom 2016 Competition for a chance to win a share of £1,000,000 in prizes (Yes, a lovely load of help for our growing business !) But this is a tough game and before we can even think about that, we really need your votes if there is any chance of getting into the running. Our campaign has just kicked off and we need to spread the word about our entry quick and gain votes. So for those who know us well, who just want to get on and vote here’s how to do it. Using your Linkedin or Facebook profile, vote for Tuck n’ Snug at or use the link It only takes a minute and every vote counts, so please do share this link once you’ve voted.
For those, who want to hear more, let me explain. Tuck n’ Snug is a new concept in children’s stay-on bedding. Young children are well known to be wrigglers during the night and in the habit of losing their bed covers and waking up cold. A familiar story, where parents are woken to tuck the youngsters back into bed. Tuck n’ Snug is a simple solution to this common problem which is banishing sleepless nights for children and parents. Tuck n’ Snug is a duvet cover and pillowcase set with fabric flaps attached which are simply tucked under the mattress and hold the bedding in place. It’s simple; no zips, no buttons, no Velcro. Kids can move around easily without their covers coming off and are free to get in and out of bed to go to the loo. Tuck n’ Snug is making a real, tangible difference to children’s sleeping habits with reviewers calling it “genius”, a “must-have” and a “sleep saviour.”

For more information on our pitch, please go to and vote for Tuck n’ Snug. We haven’t got much time and your vote really counts.

Thank you for your support and recognition.

Annabel x , Founder of Tuck n’ Snug

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